The National Library of Malta, often known as the Bibliotheca, is a prominent building overlooking Republic Square in Valletta. Founded in 1776 by Grand Master Emmanuel de Rohan-Polduc, the building has functioned as a legal deposit library since 1925. 


Along with the University of Malta, the Bibliotheca has the largest collection of Melitensia in Malta, spanning centuries from mediaeval times to the digital age, including items of great historical importance. The library also contains important archives pertaining to the Order of St John, the Università of Mdina and the Università of Valletta. 

The Bibliotheca building was designed in the neoclassical style by Polish-Italian architect Stefano Ittar. While Ittar was the main architect, it is to be noted that his son Sebastiano continued his design after his father passed away before being able to finalise the work. 

It has a symmetrical façade, adorned with Ionic and Doric columns as well as a pillared portico, and is well-known for its neo-classic impressive staircase.

The venue is only accessible via a staircase. 


Performances at the Bibliotheca



12 noon

Mediterránea showcases 17th century soloist repertoire in original tablature style by the main "Maestros" of the guitar and the theorbo. Almost all the pieces are presented in a duo format in which the Zapico brothers recreate an improvised accompaniment with a historical approach.