Jesuits' Church

The Church of the Circumcision of Our Lord, commonly known as the Jesuits' church, is one of the oldest churches in Valletta, and one of the largest in the diocese. It was originally built between 1593 and 1609 by the Jesuit order, and it is located adjacent to the Old University Building, which originally housed a Jesuit college known as the Collegium Melitense.

The church was rebuilt in the Baroque style by Francesco Buonamici after suffering extensive damage in an explosion in 1634. The church remained in use after the Jesuits were expelled from Malta in 1768, and it is also used for Masters and Doctoral graduation ceremonies of the University of Malta, the successor to the Collegium Melitense.


Performances at Jesuits' Church



7:30 pm

The eight decades of the presence of Jesuit missionaries among the Chiquitos (1691-1767) and the Moxenos (1680-1767), in the Amazonian forest of eastern Bolivia saw a rapid development of the musical training of the indigenous population. An impressive collection of musical manuscripts had been produced by the composers and copyists of the ancient missions. This concert gives an exquisite overview of that wonderful music. For a small fee of €15 you can meet the artists after the concert whilst having a drink and some appetisers.

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